&nbsp Jay is a thin boy, with navy hair, and icy blue eyes. He wears a purple shirt with golden trims, along with dark purple pants, a jacket tied around his waist, and a pair of black sandals.


Jay is usually quiet and is the mediator of the Five Elemental Warriors. Herarely loses his head, but when he does everyone backs off. Jay is layed back and usually just goes with the flow of things.


Jay is a mysterious boy who is often mistaken as a girl. It has happen so often, he rarely ever cares if he is seen as a male or female. He doesn't stay in one area for long, in fact, stays in one area for no more than two months before disapearing. Because of this, no one knows where he came from, or how old he is. Only a few details were known of him.

  1. He never cuts or dies his hair
  2. It seems as though he never ages
  3. Whenever a natural disaster has occured somewhere, he is in the area

4. Once he disapears from an area, he never returns

Angela Nobell was the first to actually track him. She pronounced him to be the Spirit of Earth, and proclaimed that he was on of the Five Elemental Warriors that protect the Genesis Egg.

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